WATCH: Will Manning’s Glitter Makeover To Fit In At Capital In Ibiza Is… Interesting!

18 August 2018, 14:03

Because did you even Ibiza if all your belongings aren’t caked in glitter?

There are some things that are absolutely iconic about the White Isle – you’re going to get some epic sunsets at Café Mambo, you’ll be partying with the world’s best DJs at a superclub, and you’re going to spend at least one night getting covered head to toe in glitter. Standard.

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We’ve been bringing you all the tunes live from Café Mambo in Ibiza this weekend, but we couldn’t help but notice that Will Manning didn’t look quite ready for a night on the San Antonio strip – so Aimee Vivian challenged him to look the part.

She sent Will off to Kiss My Fairy (Ibiza veterans will know what that’s all about) to get a glitter makeover… and it’s safe to say he looked a lot more ready to rave when they’d finished up with him.

Check out Will’s epic makeover above, and you can keep up with all the action from Capital in Ibiza right here – you won’t wanna miss it!

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