WATCH: We Found Out Exactly How Ibiza The Chainsmokers, Jax Jones & Jonas Blue Really Are

18 August 2018, 08:31

They're all veterans of the White Isle... but who's the most 'Ibiza' out of these DJs?

They might all be chart topping DJs and musicians, but it takes a little more than that to really reach the Capital in Ibiza standard... we put The Chainsmokers, Jax Jones and Jonas Blue to the ultimate Ibiza test.

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Sarah Story caught up with the guys on the White Isle - and as a former resident of Ibiza herself - who better to see which of these lads really lives Ibiza to the max?

See who's pulled the 'Do you know who I am?' card, who's an aficionado of the Ibiza allnighter and which of these guys isn't really that Ibiza at all...

Plus we'll be bringing you all the action live from Ibiza's Cafe Mambo all day, so make sure you're listening - and you can see everything we've been up to right here too.

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