These Are The Tales From Ibiza That We DEFINITELY Aren’t Allowed To Tell You…

28 July 2018, 10:00

The likes of Anne-Marie and Jax Jones trusted us with some very risqué stories from their travels around Ibiza… And here we are telling you about them. Oops!

It doesn’t get wilder than #CapitalInIbiza, does it? Or… So, we thought. That’s when we started chatting to Anne-Marie and Jax Jones, who told us some of their biggest secret stories, which we promised never to mention again.

Until we did. Right here. Right now. Our bad…

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It all kicked off when Anne-Marie was chatting about a present Ed Sheeran had bought her, which was apparently massive. But what could it have possibly been? Our editors have kindly censored out the naughty parts and replaced it with “ferret”. We’re pretty sure Ed probably just bought her a large rodent, right? Right?

And as for Jax Jones… Well, next time you’re looking to buy a new place, you might pop into Jax Jones, who – according to our video editors – reckon he was having a mad rave at an estate agent.

Well, we’re going to spend the next three weeks trying to work out exactly what these two Ibiza legends were saying.

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