Check Out #CapitalInIbiza Week 1 Highlights As Tinie Tempah Closed With An INSANE Live Set

21 July 2017, 12:11 | Updated: 21 August 2017, 14:40

Tinie Tempah Ushuaia

Whether it's partying hard at Martin Garrix’s intense set at Ushuaia or Ibiza make-up tutorials, we've got it all.

We didn't leave a single sun-lounger unfolded until we brought YOU all the biggest moments from our time out in Ibiza. We caught up with some of the legends of dance music as well as partied hard at their shows all so you can see exactly why Ibiza Lives On Capital.


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Lets do this! 

Day 6: Martin Garrix at Ushuaia

Sometimes we forget that Martin Garrix is only 21 YEARS OLD! How is he already one of the biggest DJs in the world?! How does that happen?! Well...when you see what he did at his 100% understand why he is where he is...

First things first. He's been going to Ibiza clubs for a long time (even when he was underage!).

Even outside the venue, the gates to the club have been completely 'Garrixed'...

Whether it is taking 1000s of selfies or signing autographs for his fans, MG makes sure he doesn't miss anybody out! Before he entered the club, he was swamped by a legion of his followers:

And then...he rocked up onstage...and it was perfect...

His light show was on point, naturally:

Some fans struggled with all the excitement, ahem...this poor guy though...

And then...there was his finale...

Day 5: Tinie Tempah at Ushuaia

Before Tinie Tempah hit the stage for his classic 'Disturbing Ibiza' takeover at Ushuaia, we thought it was be best to have a look at the gorgeous make-up and hair routines of TT's dancers...

Before hitting the stage, Tinie was all smiles as he met fans backstage (he even invited them to the green room!) like an true boss.

As humble as he always has been, T decided to walk through the crowds to go and greet the VIP guests at the hotel. Check out the cheeky walk to the VIP area:

And then the show started....WOW.

DJ Charlesy couldn't help but have a little dance behind the DJ decks...

Tinie showed off his true British-ness as he downed a whole pint on stage in front of thousands of TT fans!

There were times we thought the bass was going to make our hearts explode in chests:

And as you'd expect...the finale was something pretty special...

Day 4: Craig David at Ibiza Rocks

The word legendary gets thrown about quite often these days but when it comes to Craig David, there's no better to describe the garage turned DJ/singing machine.

His pool party was as glorious as it sounds!

It's pretty obvious that Ibiza has got a bad case of Bieber fever atm as not only did David Guetta blast out '2U' on day 1 of #CapitalInIbiza, Craig David did a pretty sweet remix of 'Love Yourself' too...

Whilst Craig whipped out hit after hit, we caught up with some party-goers on the beach and, as we'd expected, they were missing their Love Island fix, badly! We asked them who their fave was on the show and who they think will win and the answers didn't disappoint. 

Day 3: Martin Solveig at Mambo

Picture this - you're down by the pool; you've got a drink in your hand, and - most importantly - actual Marvin Humes is opposite you attempting gymnastics, well...kinda.

We left Marv to chill by the pool and checked in with Coco, who swung by to catch up with one of the Kings of Ibiza, Martin Solveig.

He's the only man that can rock lime green like a boss, isn't he?

Oh. And he's also the only man that - mid-set - can bring out hitmaker, KUNGS, to join him on the decks. Is it just us, or is Ibiza the greatest place on the planet?

You'd think that would be enough partying for Martin but NOPE! The superstar DJ travelled across town to hit up the legendary club Pacha! It didn't take long for Coco to lose ALL her chill.

And then he busted out a HEAVY Ed Sheeran remix like it no big deal.

Day 2: Dua Lipa at Ibiza Rocks

Sometimes dreams really do come true...and Dua Lipa, by a pool, in Ibiza is undoubtedly the dream for about 99% of the population of the world right? Well, this happened...

The 'Hotter Than Hell' star caught up with Coco Cole poolside before her big performance at the Ibiza Rocks. And just because we're out in Ibiza right now didn't mean we forget to check if Dua had caught any of Love Island!

There was even time for a little impromptu photoshoot down by the tennis courts which made us fall in love with her all over again.


Ibiza. Pre show. Shot by @pixielevinson

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And then there was her show! WOW. For someone who has never been to Ibiza before, she absolutely nailed it (and the crowd were HYPED!).

Day 1: 'Big' by David Guetta at Ushuaia

First up was the one and only David Guetta! Already having an all-time legendary status in Ibiza, from the moment the island woke up you could feel the buzz surrounding the fact that the French maestro was due to appear that night.

Before Guetta had even got onto the stage, there was a crowd of partygoers waiting to get a glimpse of the '2U' superstar...

>"It Was Ridiculous" - David Guetta Defends Justin Bieber From Trolls Who Think It's Cool To Hate Him

And of course, within seconds, the BIG party had got under way:

He threw in a little Bieber like it was NBD and the crowd were ready to eat it up!

 He EVEN found a way to tag 'Where Are Ü Now' onto the end of his classic 'Sexy Chick'.

All before, heading straight back out into the VIP section (naturally there was time for a high five or two with his fans!).


Yup! This was @davidguetta getting escorted to the stage to play his EPIC set in Ibiza last night! #CapitalInIbiza

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Whilst you're here, you HAVE to watch David Guetta explain exactly what the "Ibiza Curse" is!