WATCH: Marvin & Jax Jones Rave About Ibiza (And Robert Pattinson) Ahead Of Their B2B Ibiza Set At Café Mambo

17 August 2019, 21:16

Marv and Jax Jones relaxed before their back to back set at Caféda Mambo and did what two superstar DJs always do before a gig, people watch.

Jax Jones has officially hit up #CapitalInIbiza and decided - along with Marvin Humes - to kick back, enjoy the many views the island has to offer and do a spot of people watching before hitting up Café Mambo like a storm for their B2B set.

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The South Londoners chilled on Ibiza's beaches to catch up and chat about what made the White Isle so special, before spilling the tea on some of their favourite tunes to drop in sets.

Eventually, Jax began to chat about his journey over to Ibiza, when he mentioned sharing a plane with Tom Hardy and Twilight's Robert Pattinson.

The duo also got chatting about their guilty pleasures during sets; and if you ever see the 'You Don't Know Me' hitmaker drop Spice Girls or Carly Rae Jepsen into a set, you can blame Marv.

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