The Idea of You Ending – Do Hayes And Soléne End Up Together?

2 May 2024, 22:29

The Idea of You ending: Do Hayes and Solene end up together?
The Idea of You ending: Do Hayes and Solene end up together? Picture: Prime Video
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

The ending of The Idea of You leaves audiences on a hopeful cliffhanger about the future of Hayes and Solène's relationship.

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If you're not already obsessed with Hayes Campbell and Solène Marchand from The Idea of You, you're about to be.

The brand new film, starring Nicholas Galitzine and Anne Hathaway, sees 40-year-old Solène embark on a dizzying and unexpected romance with boyband superstar 24-year-old Hayes Campbell. Despite the age gap, and the huge obstacles that end up their way, the two fall in love. But do they actually end up together at the end?

The ending of The Idea of You is actually very different to the ending of Robinne Lee's original book, and it implies a completely different outcome for Hayes and Solène's relationship. Here's how the film ends, and what that final scene means for Hayes and Solène's future.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for The Idea of You ending!

Do Hayes and Solene end up together at the end of The Idea of You?
Do Hayes and Solene end up together at the end of The Idea of You? Picture: Alamy

Do Hayes and Solène end up together after The Idea of You ending?

After a whirlwind romance that sees Solène and Hayes try to navigate their relationship while keeping it under wraps and out of the spotlight, things begin to come crashing down after it's made public and Solène is shamed in the press for dating a younger man.

Towards the end of the film, Solène breaks it off with Hayes once and for all after seeing the negative affect the attention is having on her teenage daughter Izzy. Hayes offers to quit everything to be with Solène but Solène has to put her daughter first.

Hayes later visits Solène at her house and he asks if she will promise to "revisit" their romance in 5 years time, when Izzy has finished school and when he'll be "some d-list celebrity that nobody gives a sh-t about." Solène tells him it's "too long" and they agree to each take a shot at happiness with someone else if it happens.

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The film then jumps forward to 5 years later. Solène is now 45 and has a new haircut, Izzy is at college and Hayes, now 29, is thriving as a solo artist and has some sexy, grown-up facial hair.

Solène stumbles across him performing on a chat show, where he later teases that he's taking a trip to LA to see someone special.

The final scene of the film sees Hayes standing in Solène's art gallery. They stare at each other and smile, as Solène begins to cry happy tears.

While the film's ending is left somewhat open and doesn't explicitly confirm that they get back together, it is heavily implied that they're finally going to give their relationship a real shot. Whether they stay together for years to come is also left open for viewers to decide.

The film's ending is a lot more promising and hopeful than the ending of the original book, where they do not get back together. Despite Hayes' persistent calls and messages, Solène resists and moves on with her life.

So, for all the Hayes and Solène shippers out there, the film's ending is a huge win for the couple.

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