14 Things You’ll Know Rather Too Well If You’ve Been On A Girls Holiday To Ibiza

11 July 2016, 17:55

Girls Holiday Asset

1. The feeling of receiving that impromptu text couldn't get any better.


2. Once everything's booked it's almost impossible to not share a screengrab in excitement. 


3. One of you will undoubtedly have a countdown on your phone.


4. Suddenly your attention turns to that summer bod... 


5. And of course the holiday clothes shopping starts. 


6. Swiftly followed by showing off your purchases. 


7. And you'll be checking the weather forecast approximately 17 times a day before you fly.


8. The night before you fly it's almost essential to lay out all your money just to show how much of a baller you are. 


9. The flight over to Ibiza is potentially one of the messiest stages of the holiday. 


10. It's kinda impossible to NOT take a selfie waiting for the flight. 


11. And on the plane.


12. After what feels like HOURS of getting ready, that pre-night out snap is essential. 


13. When things get slightly carried away in Space


14. And if you're not THAT person that ends up needing help in A&E, you're the girl helping!


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