WATCH: Sarah Story Got The Most Fabulous Stranger On A Sling Shot Ride With Her

18 August 2018, 21:40

Well... you can't be thrown fifty metres in the air alone, can you?

If you've ever been to Ibiza, you've either been on or refused to go on the sling shot ride on the strip... so of course we had to get Sarah Story to give it a go, too.

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Aimee Vivian challenged Sarah Story to not only go on the ride, but to find a stranger to get on there with her... challenge = accepted.

We sent Sarah out onto the strip to find someone willing... and she just happened to stumble upon the most fabulous stranger from Brazil who was twerking his way down the road with his bevy of beautiful ladies.

Luckily, he was more than game to get on this hellish ride... and the results are nothing short of gold.

Check out what else we've been up to in Ibiza right here, and make sure you're listening too as we're live from Cafe Mambo.

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