In Just 8 Questions We Can Name The Song That'd Make You Lose Your Chill In Ibiza

6 July 2016, 17:07

Rihanna performs during the fifth stop of her 777

Some songs reach down your throat and get that heart racing like no other and we think we know which one does it for you.

Are you ready for Ibiza season?! Whether you're off to the White Isle or not, we can all enjoy a little dance music here and there. There are SO many huge bangers but we all know people have their ultimate favourite.

We Bet You Have NO Idea What Half The DJs Behind Your Favourite Tunes Actually Look Like

Well, guess what. We're pretty sure we can guess a tune that'd get you jumping after answering just 8 questions.


Did we get it right? Ah, even if we didn't you can't tell us the song you got isn't a certified party starter.

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