Top Social Network Pet Hates

Check out Des & Jennie's listeners top Pet hates.

Social Network Pet hates 
  1. The word “Relly”.
  2. “If this gets 1 million likes…my girlfriend will let me get a car”.
  3. People who like their own status.
  4. Attention seeking photo captions e.g. “I am so ugly in this pic”.
  5. Status's that say “like” for a comment.
  6. People who post every little thing they do.
  7. People who post Cryptic updates. “I’ve just had some great news”.
  8. People who go on holiday and post every 5 minutes about how great it is.
  9. Status's that say “If you don’t like this status, something bad will happen to you”.
  10. Too many kisses in a status or comment.