Tale Of The Tape: Des vs The Cow

Capital Breakfast's Des Clarke is racing a cow to prove that once and for all he is faster than it. Check out the tale of the tape below.

Des is Adement he can outrun a cow in a race. Jennie doesn't think he has a chance. Check out the tale of the tape below & decide who you think measure up as the  favourite in this race.

Des Clarke 

Breed - Barely Human

Legs - Hairy

Top Speed – Depends who's chasing him.

Previous Honours– Gorbals running champion, Half Marathon & 10k finisher.

Running Style – Fast out the blocks like Usain Bolt after a bad curry.

Inspiration – Kriss Akabusi, Alan Wells & Bruce Forsyth.

Weight - 70kg


Daisy The Rapido Cow 

Breed - Lim X

Legs -

Top Speed – 23 mp/h

Previous Honours– Grass eating Champion 2012.

Running Style – Mazy & uncoordinated. 

Inspiration – Utterly Butterly Cow & The Wall Street Bull

Weight - 750 kg