What You've Said When You're Asleep!

Matt heard his girlfriend, News Anna, sleep talking last night...she said "With bells on? Ooooh Sparkly!"...

You lot got involved and sent in your best sleep talking quotes...here they are!


"The bees have got my hat and are takin' it to greggs"
"Are you ready to order? Do you want a basket of bread for the table?"
"Danger Danger get out of the road!!!"
"Testing testing test tubes" 
"How do i tell between oranges and bananas?"
"Trolleys, the trolleys are coming, ARGGGGGGH"
"God, I would love to slap barbie"
"Just pasta...No pasta...TESCO!"
"You didn't get me the right welly boots, I wanted the pink ones with flowers!'  

Ste's Wife: "You can get them away from me..."
Ste: "What?" 
Ste's Wife: "You know, you been out collecting them again to make some jam"
Ste: "I don't know what your on about?"
Ste's Wife: (Angrily) "You know what, SPIDERS! You been collecting them again to make some more jam!"

"Catch the frog"  
"I like turtles too!"  
Mel: "1 2 3 of them" 
Mel's Friend: "what you onna bout"

"Get your bum's out for the churches"
"I need some sugar"
"The cheese, the cheese!...HELP THE CHEESE IS BURNING!!!"
"There's a red dog in a blue house...HELP!"
"It's alright I've paid with a tenner"
Got a good one? Let us know and post them below!!

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