What We've Learnt About Charlotte Crosby This Week

Challenge Charlotte: Get A Free Pasty!


Charlotte has been on Capital Breakfast with Martin Lowes all this week and it's safe to say we saw a real insight into her mind!

From attempting to sing Ed Sheeran with a back full of ice to heading out into Newcastle to find someone willing to buy her a free Greggs... If you missed it, this is what Charlotte Crosby has been up to this week!


We found out that Charlotte is a bit of an expert at fitting a lot of stuff in her mouth... Who knew, eh?


It's safe to say she didn't freeze when it came to trying to sing Ed Sheeran with a back full of ice...


It turns out that Charlotte hears different lyrics in her head when she's listening to the Capital.

*Warning, you can NEVER un-hear this!*


Charlotte's hardest challenge came when Martin made her head into Newcastle to try and find someone willing to buy her a corned beef pasty... Safe to say she smashed this one!

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