#SnuggleFerrets - Join Our Gang!

January 24th 2013...a day that will be forever marked in history. The day the #SnuggleFerrets were born.

On a cold, dark, Thursday morning it was once again that time of the show when we got ready to play Beat The Bodg. Little did we realise that during the game we play every day a beautiful name would be discovered.


Snuggle Ferret.


We adopted this as our gang name and from this moment onwards Snuggle Ferret has taken over at least 0.10% of the North East with people clamouring to be a member of the #SnuggleFerrets. All you need to do is click the initiation button below and you will become a 100%, legit, straight from the street Snuggle Ferret.  


Join our Snuggle Ferret gang:


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Snuggle Ferrets