The Scare Factor

For halloween we decided to set ourselves a face our deepest darkest fears in...THE SCARE FACTOR!

You've heard us taking each challenge but you can now watch the videos!!



Bodg is terrified of creepy crawlies, and in particular spiders! He's not keen on little ones...nevermind the tarantula we put on his FACE!! Our favourite bit is when he shouts "get it off" without even opening his mouth


Matt gets nervous whenever he's in the sea that he'll be eaten by a we stuck him in one of the pools at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Tynemouth and made him hand feed the sharks. Check out his girly screams...


JoJo hates pretty much anything scary, but in particular rides that go we stuck her on Scream at Ocean Beach South Shields! See how she got on (it's pretty pathetic to be honest!)