JoJo's Shotgun Wedding: The Finalists

We had a handful of entries to Marry JoJo, here's our Top Five.

She's been banging on about being single for a year now, so Bodg and Matt have come up with a genius plan to marry JoJo off.

Problem is we needed to find her a man so the search started. The lads searched the North East for a whole week....yes a WHOLE week. They've given this a lot of attention!! 

Here's the final five.




JoJo Shotgun Wedding Eliminated

Andrew Eland  - 33

Andrew has a passion for taekwondo, animals and singing badly whenever he can. He hates earwigs and Jedward.       


JoJo Shotgun Wedding Eliminated

Peter Olsen - 40

Peter enjoys walks along the beach and good food. He dislikes fish as it brings him out in a rash. 


Fin Healy 

Fin Healy - 21

Fin is a mummies boy and also describes himself as a true gent, he also likes to think he's a funny man.      


Jason Bell Eliminated

Jason Bell - 25

Jason is originally from Birmingham but now has a Geordie accent. He bears an uncanny resemblance to footballer Peter Crouch and has a massive dislike for sheep.


JoJo Shotgun Wedding Eliminated

John Abbott - 31

John enjoys keeping fit and taking walks in the park with puppies. He also enjoys singing. John dislikes people who shave in public saunas and people who are cruel to animals.