7 Things We Learned About Scotty T...

This Is What Happens When You Ask Scotty T To 'Write Something Filthy'


This article contains strong(ish) language, sexual(ish) scenes and references from the outset and throughout.

Thought you knew everything about Geordie Shore legend Scotty T? Well think again!

If you missed what happened when Scotty popped into Capital, don't worry because we have made this handy little guide of his 7 best moments! Check out his proper dodgy geography and find out what the Geordie Shore guys ACTUALLY do on their days off... (It's definitely not what you think it is btw!)

1 - Scotty T Can Count To At Least 13!


2 - James Tindale Walked In On Scotty Doing Something Very Weird In The Bedroom...


3 - His UK Geography Isn’t The Best (We will kind of let him off with Ireland though...)


4 – It’s Not All Partying In The Geordie Shore House...


5 - He Actually Knows His Own Catchphrases! (Well most of them...)


6 – Geordie Shore actually calmed him down!


7 – What Is His Book ACTUALLY About?


So there we have it! Compelling evidence that Scotty T is literally THE coolest guy in Geordie Shore!

If you want to know even more about Scotty, his book is out NOW and it's certainly worth a read.

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