Are Tori And Jack From MAFS Australia Still Together?

24 April 2024, 17:01 | Updated: 24 April 2024, 17:04

Tori and Jack's wedding day on MAFS Australia
MAFS Australia couple Tori and Jack are heavily criticised by fellow contestants. Picture: Nine

By Abbie Reynolds

Are Tori and Jack from Married at First Sight Australia 2024 still together? Here's what we know.

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Married at First Sight Australia 2024 has done us a service this series with cheating scandals, shock break ups and of course, the very confusing and complicated relationship that is Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley.

After a very dramatic time on the hit Channel 4 show, Jack and Tori have left the cast, experts and viewers all very puzzled over the relationship due to the lack of intimacy, his shocking behaviour traits and endless amounts of cheating accusations.

However, despite everything, Tori has remained true to her dedication to her husband, no matter how much he pushes it, claiming the pair have very "strong foundations" and plenty in common.

But with many convinced the pair are committed to their 'showmance' - do Tori and Jack stay together outside of the show? And are they still together now?

Warning: Show spoilers ahead!

Tori and Jack's writing 'stay' at their first commitment ceremony
Tori and Jack continue to write 'stay' at every commitment ceremony. Picture: E4

Are MAFS couple Tori and Jack still together?

For many loyal fans of MAFS Australia, it will come as a surprise to hear that Tori and Jack's romance has lasted outside of filming and the experiement.

After agreeing to stay together at the final vows, the pair have since remained solid, showing off their status all over Instagram with Jack even labelling Tori "his queen".

Talking postiively about their future, Jack also captioned a kissing snap: "Let the fun begin, cant believe I get to share my life with you #Wifeislife."

Just as smitten, Tori wrote something similar on her socials which read: "Beyond excited to have you by my side for every step of the way, let the fun begin!!"

The pair even honoured their relationship with matching tattoos while on the show, proving just how serious they are about one another. On Tori's Instagram, she wrote, "Night 1 we joked about matching tattoos... and now we are here" next to a picture of her getting the new ink.

In fact it looks like things are going better than well for the couple as Tori was spotted on Facebook Marketplace selling off large items like her car and her fridge!

The items you would only sell if... say you were moving? The items fuelled the rumours that Tori's closing up shop and heading to the Gold Coast to move in with Jack. Something Jack made sure she understood would be a requirement, as he had no intention of moving to Melbourne for her.

Tori and Jack have claimed to be the strongest couple in the experiment, week after week.
Tori and Jack have claimed to be the strongest couple in the experiment, week after week. Picture: Channel Nine

When on MAFS, Tori proved she would stand by Jack no matter what as she said: "We are so connected and we are so united. When there are genuine feelings there and you're in a team and you're together, you face things as a team and it makes things so much easier.

"We can kind of drown out the rubbish and the noise, and what's left is us; we are all we need at this point." This nearly confirmed that they are currently together but at the end of it she added, "when it comes to the experiment".

If you needed anymore convincing that Tori and Jack are still together, the fact that the Daily Mail managed to get a snap of them celebrating Christmas together last year might just be all the proof you need.

And a friend close to the couple told the MailOnline that: "They've faced a lot of skepticism from the start, but Jack and T have proved everyone wrong. Tori is one of the most genuine people you could meet, Jack's really lucky to have her. It's like he's won the lottery."

The couple have honoured their relationship with matching tattoos
The couple have honoured their relationship with matching tattoos. Picture: Nine

What has Tori said about her relationship with Jack from MAFS?

Tori took to Instagram with a few notes which confirmed that they were still together. Her caption read: "I am Jack's wife. Not his mother… it’s not my role to discipline him for his behaviour. It is my role to support him and stand by him whilst making it very known that I don’t agree with some of his actions and choice of words.

"I won’t be held responsible for someone else being offended on my behalf for a joke that was not intended for their ears..."

It seems that Jack makes some comments on the show that aren't taken very well. But despite all the drama, Tori and Jack look to be a success story to come out of the show.

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