Rob & Lisa's Wedding Blog - By Rach!

Rach is keeping track of all the developments for Rob and Lisa's wedding.

Keep checking back as we share the journey with Rob and Lisa as their wedding comes together in time for June 15th at The Place Hotel in Manchester.

Love Rach


What It's Like To Marry Rob Ellis?

Now we all know it’s about now the bride can get all het up (I don’t imagine Rob is a massive help) but Lisa is no bridezilla that’s for sure. She’s calm and collected and everything seems to be under control right down to the minor detail of the cake topper. Lisa has sent all the info to @totallytoppers nd we can't wait to see it on the big day.

And girls wait till you see her shoes – talk about wow factor!

Sian Beck at @createcrystal has customized her shoes – check these out.

Lisa Shoe 2

Her hair and make up is all sorted by @twilightsalons and there is no doubt Lisa is going to be one beautiful bride.

I cannot wait to see Rob’s face when he sees her – I really hope he doesn’t turn to look at Lisa and do the daft cross eyed look he’s been practising to put Lisa off on the day.

Rob Crosseyed

Joking aside for once I think we might see a slightly nervous Mr Ellis.

The next time you’ll hear from me Mr Rob and Lisa Ellis will be man and wife – ooooh I’m soooooo excited I might just pee my pants!!



Time For The Bride To Take Centre Stage:

Lisa has been in full pre bride prep mode!

We all know the tried and tested method is always best when having facials, lashes, nails and all that caper!

So I took her down to @jrhairbeauty

The lovely Kelsey pampered Lisa within an inch of her life!!

Lisa had LVL lashes to add length, volume and lift the natural lashes, then blink and go individual lash extensions were applied to give the wow factor!

Lvl is a completely natural, low maintenance treatment with no harsh perming techniques. Treatments take just 45 minutes last up to 6 weeks, LVL lashes add length, volume and lift the natural lashes, without the need for extensions or even mascara! (Requires patch test 48 hours before)

Blink and go lashes are applied individually to create length and thickness

She also had Hd brows to correct and soften Lisa's homemade shape! Still natural but eye opening (so she can see how handsome Rob looks)

Lisa treatment 1

Hd brows is the eyebrow art that is fast becoming the UK's new on-trend treatment. HD Brows is a high-precision procedure that transforms your eyebrows into their perfect shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. The treatment consists of seven unique steps including; tinting, waxing, tweezing, clipping, threading and finishes with a calming tonic and mineral powder being applied to calm the skin, followed by the HD Brow Beater gel to set the hairs for an immaculate finish.

Not forgetting the hands and feet Lisa had a full set of natural acrylics using nsi products and Artistic colour gloss in new colour seductive a 21 day guaranteed chip proof gloss

Lisa treatment 2




Hen Do:

Just a quick one! We went on the Hen Do last week, have a look at this video of Rob's Mum when we went bowling at All Star Lanes



The Countdown is ON!!

So the countdown is on!

It’s just two weeks before Rob and Lisa’s big day and I, for one, am tres excited!

Time has almost run out in my bid to transform Rob into a slender handsome groom with gleaming white teeth. Impossible I hear you say!!

Well having trained for the marathon he lost a good stone and a half which means he was looking HOT in the various suits he tried on at

Here are some pics of the suits – he will definitely be wearing one of these (Rob prefers the ivory number)

See the pics here

He’s also in the process of whitening his teeth, he was all measured up with a pallet from @smilestylist. Apparently it can knock a good few years off you and after 6 years of early mornings and a pen-chant for a late night whisky he needs all the help he can get!

Rob Tan 4

My final touch is to get Rob a fake tan to give him that healthy just stepped off Blackpool pier glow! We had a test run with a dark shade and some tan-art. Have a look here

@the_beauty_guru will be applying @SudoTanning – get your paper knickers ready Rob!

 All in all I reckon he’s going to look GAWJUS!




The Bride - Lisa

Back to the most important person of the day, Lisa!

In all honesty the beautiful bride to be doesn’t need much assistance to look her best.

I decided to take her for a pamper day at Urban Beauty Salon @salon_urban in Warrington having seen this status on facebook I thought she might need some time out!


lisa facebook wedding rob 


We had shellac nails and a hot stone massage and a rite good natter. It was all going so well until I asked Lisa when the bridesmaid dress fittings would be – as Wingman and Gorgeous had been asked to be ushers surely I was going to be a bridesmaid. Awkward is the word.


 Bridesmaid Clip


The Groom - Rob Ellis

I have set myself the near impossible mission of ensuring Rob looks his best on his wedding day. We are in training for the Greater Manchester Marathon and so far he has lost a stone and a half. There’s more to lose but it’s a great start.

@davethestuntman from @prestigefitnes has provided a training programme and healthy eating regime for us to follow, apart from Rob eating an Easter egg a day it’s going well!

 rob measured

Rob gay tight


So that’s his body sorted, well almost, but what about that face?

A friend of mine called Matthew Moxham @Iamstylist at HOF got in touch and offered to help me get this sorted. So I took Rob to House of Fraser to begin the transformation:



We will be back with him soon to see how all that’s going!!!






The Present

So a little over a month ago on Valentines Day Rob handed envelopes to myself, Wingman and Producer Gorgeous. On opening the envelope it was revealed that Rob would marry his fiancé Lisa on June 15th at The Place Hotel in Manchester. Hear the moment when we all found out on-air.

Invite Reactions

So we are extremely excited, some more than others…..I’m talking about Wingman of course. He has been given the task of arranging Rob’s stag do – it’s almost as if this is his vocation in life, he’s attacked it with such vigor! Each morning there is long drawn out update from him where he tells Rob he’s sent an email (usually takes him 40 minutes to compile this) to the group of men heading for Amsterdam in May.

We were all impressed with his organisational skills, then it became apparent he has employed the services of a company called who put together the whole weekend. Basically he’s done very little, although after he got extremely confused when he couldn’t work out why the numbers wouldn’t add up, until realising it was because two people on the stag do had the same first name!

Next time I'll be talking about Rob and how he is preparing for his big day

Ta ta for now




Lets start at the start!

The Background

Back in 2008 Rob and Lisa’s eyes met across a smokey dance floor….. at The Hub in Wigan! - kind of kills the romance eh??

Rob had his eye on Lisa for a few months but felt he would be punching above his weight (I always say trust your gut), until he eventually plucked up the courage to speak to her after a colleague (that looked like Peter Kay incidentally) gave him the heads up that Lisa was indeed interested.

Rob’s opening line to Lisa was:

‘Haven’t you got a little nose, can you breathe ok with that?’

Within two months Rob had proposed – ‘when you know, you just know’ his very words!!