Capital Breakfast Halloween Special

We gave ourselves a scare on the stroke of midnight on Halloween. Listen to what the guys got up to in the darkest of Lancashire woodland

There is a graveyard somewhere in Lancashire that was once owned by a rich family who built a tomb to house their dead. Back in the 16th Century, medical practices weren't that advanced and it was heard of that people had been buried alive.

The family then added a bell that ran down into the coffin so if somebody was buried alive, they could ring the bell and be saved by the villagers.

Our mission was to go into the graveyard and ring a bell that we had planted there in the daylight.

How did we manage? This is how it went out on-air on Halloween...


First of all we had to drive out to the graveyard and walk up to the gate:

Halloween 1



And then we headed into the graveyard for the first time:

Halloween 2



And we had one more attempt at ringing the bell:

Halloween 3