Breakdown Bingo - PLAY HERE!

If you spot a broken down vehicle, or even some debris in the road, then you need to let us know.


Every morning on the show we ask listeners to look out for any broken down vehicles on their journeys around Greater Manchester.

Take a picture of it and text it into us on 83958 (putting ROB at the start).

YOU could have some of those cars on your Break Down Bingo Card!!!

We recently had our first EVER winner of Breakdown Bingo! Sam completed his line by spotting an Audi (Number 3) at the side of the road with the owner of the car also winning a Capital Prize!

You can see Sam's winning card below:

breakdown bingo

You can print off your own blank Break Down Bingo card here, follow the instructions on it and keep listening to the Breakfast Show to see if you can be the next person to win one of our big prizes!

If it's safe to do so, send us a MMS to 83958 with 'ROB' at the start.

Tweet us @TheRobEllisShow or send us an e-mail.

Check out some pics so far..