Capital Liverpool's Day in Dublin!

Ha'penny Bridge Dublin Ireland

We want to make your St. Patrick's Day unforgettable, in the Capital of Ireland!

At Capital, we're all about unforgettable experiences, so there's no better way to celebrate one of the biggest days in the calendar, than to go to Ireland itself with the Irish Sea’s leading ferry company!

Thanks to Stena Line, we'll pick you up from Liverpool and take you on the first ferry out, travelling in style in the Stena Plus Lounge from Holyhead, arriving in Dublin as the St. Patricks Day Parade is kicking off, you'll get to celebrate along the streets of the nations capital and watch the buildings turn a patriotic green!

Stena Line offer great onboard facilities such as free movies, free wifi, amazing value onboard shopping, luxury Stena Plus lounge, ensuite cabins, children’s play areas, and a choice of places to dine including a Barista Coffee House and Met Bar and Grill.

When we get to Ireland, there'll be funfairs, food festivals and obviously chance to have a sip of the black stuff! 

Make sure you've got Capital Breakfast with Adam, Gemma and Dylan on this week for your chance to be there!

Make sure you swot up on those competition terms and conditions before you enter!


 Taking the ferry to Ireland has never been easier! Go to to find out more.