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The winner of our Breakfast Show Intern Competition has been earning her keep by reviewing gigs at the Capital FM Arena. Take a look below what she's been up to..

Olly Murs

He may not have won the X Factor but the charismatic Olly Murs is still going from strength to strength three and a half years later.

Olly Murs sings live on TourHe is currently on his sold out UK arena tour and is a prime example that you don’t have to win the X Factor to be successful. He is constantly being referred to as the ‘next Robbie Williams’, his first album went double platinum and his popularity just keeps on growing.

Olly Murs was back in Nottingham for his second time this year at the Capital FM Arena after selling out his first date. Olly’s support acts were fun and lively and suited Olly’s personality perfectly.

First up, was Tich, who sang Taylor Swift’s well-known song, ‘I Knew You Were Trouble’ as well as her own songs such as ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ and ‘What I Meant To Say’.

The Loveable Rogues, also from a talent show background, performed their track from Britain’s got talent ‘Lovesick’ as well as their new single ‘What A Night’ amongst others. They were very enthusiastic as they performed and warmed the audience up brilliantly for Olly Murs, getting people up on their feet and singing along.

As the curtain was pulled away it revealed a tiered stage with red lights and a big band as he opened up with ‘Army of Two’ which the audience sang word for word with him.

Olly is a born performer and he didn’t disappoint the 10,000 people in the audience, with an old-school vibe of soulful singing, clicking fingers and slick suits. There was a feel good atmosphere as the arena stood enjoying themselves, revelling in Olly’s dance moves and cheeky sense of humour. 

The show was an energetic, foot stomping night with lots of arm swinging from all ages in the audience. Olly’s cheeky personality appealed to everyone and he even sung the classic songs ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go’ and ‘A Town Called Malice’. Olly showed more of his musical talents when he sang his slow songs whilst playing his guitar and piano.

The set list was a mixture of songs that included his upbeat hits ‘Dance With Me’ and ‘Thinking Of Me’. He also slowed down the tempo with slow smooth songs such as, ‘One Of These Days’ and ‘I Need You Now’, all from his new album, ‘Right Place, Right Time’.

Olly focused his attention on all areas of the crowd, dancing across the stage. There was also a suspending bridge that went across the audience as Olly danced along it. He eventually stood on podium towards the back, much to the delight of the audience a bit further away, as he sang to them.

Olly promised that he’d go out on a bang and he did just that singing ‘Right Place Right Time’ and his number one hit ‘Troublemaker’ as his Encore.

He came across as a genuine, down to earth man who thanked the audience several times for supporting him. He was smiling ear to ear and gave 100% throughout. He delivered a fantastic 100 minute set doing what he does best, singing and showcasing that personality that has made him so likeable today. As the curtain went down there was not a disappointed face in sight, as people gushed ‘how amazing he was’. After the response tonight, I have a feeling this won’t be his last tour.

Justin Bieber

Screaming reached new decibel levels as 10,000 took to their places in Capital FM arena.

Justin Bieber on stageSome had been queuing for hours; others had come hoping to get tickets last minute. There was general hysteria, with tears and excited talk as they waited for the show to start. It could only mean one thing. Justin Bieber’s Believe Tour had arrived in Nottingham and was only a matter of ninety minutes away.

The Believe Tour is Justin’s second worldwide tour after the success of ‘My World Tour’ and this time he was older, bigger and better.

Supporting him was Australian, 16 year old, Cody Simpson who performed songs from his album, 'Paradise'. Complete with dancers and Cody’s own dance moves, the audience screamed as he sang songs such as ‘Radio’ ‘Wish You Were Here’ and ‘Angel’.

Also supporting Bieber was Carly Rae Jepsen. Justin Bieber was responsible for Carly’s catapult into fame so it was no surprise that he asked her to join him on his tour.

She sang tracks off her album, ‘Kiss’ such as ‘Heart Is A Muscle’, ‘Tonight I’m Getting Over You’ and ‘Hurt So Good’. She was energetic and bubbly as she performed and gave the audience a nice surprise when Cody joined her on stage to sing ‘Good Time’. Before leaving the stage she sang her number one single ‘Call Me Maybe’ with everyone singing along.

The crowd was ready for Bieber to hit the stage and erupted into a fury of screams and excitement whenever the interlude music seemed to stop. Justin Bieber was fifty minutes late on stage and the faces in the arena during that time were etched with sadness, with one fan saying ‘This means so much to us’. He eventually started his countdown at ten to ten.

However, the wait didn’t deter the Beliebers as the arena reached deafening levels counting down his arrival on stage.

Justin’s opening act was wonderfully dramatic. After an introductory video, the doors began to open as Justin Bieber was gradually revealed to the crowd, with fireworks going off around the arena. He was attached to giant silver wings as he slowly glided over the stage and looked over at the mass audience.

He was dressed in a white suit complete with shades and Michael Jackson style gloves. Once safely on the ground, he took off his glasses to a frenzy of screaming and stood still for a few moments as the audience went crazy for him. His DJ encouraged Nottingham to get up on their feet as Justin then broke into ‘Around The World’.

After his spectacular opening the show continued with tracks from his Believe album such as, ‘Catching Feelings’ ‘She Don’t Like The Light’ and ‘Outtown Girl’.  The set was extravagant with hydraulic lifts with Bieber and the dancers firing out of them. He sung a medley of popular songs from his previous album such as ‘Eenie Meenie Mo’, ‘Somebody To Love’ and ‘One Time’. His finale was just as spectacular as his entrance as he sung ‘Believe’ complete with fireworks, dancers and the audience clapping and singing along.

The concert had a storyline to it of Bieber’s transformation from a 16 year old to the 19 year old he is today. There was footage of interviews with him and articles about him that questioned whether he’d still be a success with his fans and critics doubting his musical abilities. And that’s where the Believe Tour and album name comes from. At several points in the show he told the audience to aspire to whatever they want to be and that he believes in them.

Justin Bieber definitely put on a good show for the audience. It was fun and he gave the girls what they wanted performing his encore, shirtless. He performed ‘Baby’ and ‘Boyfriend’ to the squeals and delight of the audience.

It is obvious that Justin Bieber has a very loyal fan base and the arena was alive with the adrenaline and excitement from him being in the same room as them. He performed a 100 minute set complete which although was an amazing experience it was also surreal.

A girl I sat next to said ‘I will never forget this’ and I’m sure everyone in the audience agrees with her. Bieber Fever had taken over the arena.

The Script

It’s been four years since The Script were last in Nottingham, and it’s clear to see the momentum and success they’ve picked up along the years.

The scriptLast time they were performing to a smaller crowd in Rock City. This time they were back in front of thousands in the Capital FM Arena with their new album #3.

Supporting The Script was The Original Rudeboys, an Irish acoustic hip hop band. They sang their most known song ‘Stars in their eyes’ as well as ‘Written songs (Feeling Good)’. They even did their own version of 'Wiz Khaflia’s Young, Wild and Free', which sparked a sing-along with the audience.

As the Original Rudeboys finished their set, the audience prepared for The Script’s arrival.

At 9.00pm the lights went down and the stage was revealed. There was a short montage of life’s different emotions, achievements and pivotal moments projected onto a big screen, as the audience screamed louder in excitement.

As the stage went dark, it finally revealed Danny and the band on the screen and showed footage of the mass crowd too. The Script opened with ‘Good Old Days’ from their new album. Danny even came off the stage to sing to the audience as fans scrambled towards the front to touch him.

The Script played a combination of songs across all three of their albums, including ‘Breakeven’ and ‘We Cry’ from their self-titled first album ‘The Script’ and ‘Nothing’ from ‘Science and Faith’.

They also sang ‘If you could see me now’ and ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ from their new album, #3, as well as the fantastic ‘Hall of Fame’ that stayed at Number one for two weeks after its release.

They also sang their very first number one, ‘The man who can’t be moved’ to which the audience sang without the music and a clearly overwhelmed Danny stepped back in awe and remarked ‘Wow’. The crowd erupted into frantic screaming after the song had finished as The Script took it all in and shouted ‘And that’s why we come to Nottingham!’

From performing four years ago when they were just starting off in 2009 to 2013 with devoted fans of all ages, singing the songs back to them, word for word. From their reactions you could see how much it all meant to the band.

There was a surprise of the night as they performed their encore, ‘For the first time.’ Whilst the band remained on stage, Danny came out to those that were seated and greeted them whilst singing.

The script may be known for their mellow songs but the performance they put on was anything but. It was comical, poignant and personal, with the band interacting with the audience throughout. It was also an uplifting show and provided a good sing a long for everyone in the audience.  Danny was very energetic, focusing on all areas of the crowd and Mark Sheehan and Glen Powers showed off their talents on the guitar and drums.

There seemed to be a genuine connection between the band as they told anecdotes of their night out in Nottingham and how they write most of their songs ‘next to a bottle of wine’.

The crowd loved every minute of the 100 minute set and the adrenaline was clear to see around the arena. The arena was full and there was not one disappointed face in sight.

With Danny soon to be back on The Voice, The Script will still have a firm presence in the media but this tour really showcased their wonderful singing and song writing talent. They pour their heart and soul into every single one of their songs, tours, interviews and appearances.

And that’s why they are still one of Britain’s best loved bands now and show no sign of stopping anytime soon. 

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