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Brainz - Part 1

"It was a dark cold night, Steffan was alone as he could hear the clattering / Whispy sound of the leaves caressing his window. He wondered to himself, would his life change from the tumultuous previous 6 months, could he get through the overwhelming heartbreak that haunted his soul. Although Steffan could not have imagined the the path his life was about to take.

Sarah from Donnington  - Via E-mail

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door, Steffan, got up from his slumber and slowly made his way to the door. Standing there was Helen, Steffan stared at her with disbelief, 'I thought you were dead' he said.


Steven from Loughbrough via E-mail

Helen, was dripping wet, Steffan hadn't noticed in the shock that the calm summers night had turned into a vicious storm, 'Come in' said Steffan 'you're soaking'. Helen just stood there,  'come in' repeated Steffan. A Dazed look came over Helen's face as she stayed planted to the door like a Roman Statue.

Jessica from Mansfield Via Twitter

Helen then suddenly collapsed as if her legs just became jelly, as she fell Steffan Realised she had a dart poking out her back.

Ashley from Linby - Via Text

Steffan fell to his knees and took Helen in his arms, he feared for his safety 'how did the dart get in her back, who did this' so many thoughts were running through his head.

Linzy from Derby - Via E-mail

A few moments passed, the night fell still, Helen seemed to be coming around, 'let me get you warm and get you out of these wet clothes' Steffan Said.

Rob from Lowdham

Whatever was on the dart seemed to make Helen very woosey, although the sight of Steffan brought back all the memories she hoped to forget, even with that dark thought at the back of her mind she started to slowly kiss Steffan Passionately.

Linda from Hucknall

Helen returned the Kiss, but then suddenly realised Im married, what about my husband, Keith.

What's next? You Decide.