Getting to know Pete

I'm one of the most recognised and sought after Radio presenters in the East Midlands.  I've won numerous awards for my personality led radio shows - Any station I work at instantly becomes market leader, due to my quick high-brow wit and huge following of loyal fans.

PS: All the above is totally made up! Fact is….I'm best mates with a very talented Radio Professional called “Dino” (tall fella with ginger hair).  Dino quickly took pity on me – we’ve been presenting together ever since.


Name: Pete Allen

Most listened to tracks on my iPod: Loving Ed Sheeran at the moment, and anything that David Guetta gets involved in.

Worst job interview ever: I was asked to bark like a dog, in order to sell burglar alarm…..That was odd

Ideal night out: A nice pub, with proper ale, a big steak, a pool table and a taxi home!

Favourite film: Can I have 3 please? …..Back to the Future….The Trilogy! (Except for the bit on the third one, where the train flies!)

Favourite tipple: Timothy Taylor's Landlord….. or a big glass of nice cold, ice cold Milk!

1st childhood memory: Being raced to hospital in an italian taxi - I cut my eye open on the bedside table. The driver kept saying "Mama mia, mama mia!"

Party trick: I can make a bra out of a napkin!

Most likely to say: "Aaaah, nuts....I forgot my wallet!"

Least likely to say: "I'll leave the pots 'til later" (I HATE mess - I start washing up before the guests have finished pudding!)

Hobbies: Riding my motorbike - Some brilliant roads in the East Mids!

If I wasn't me I'd like to be: Valentino Rossi - but with less boggly eyes!

Most scared of: Very tall people with ginger hair!

One thing that you couldn’t live without: Steak and really FAT unhealthy BURGERS - with extra bacon...Mmmmmmmm!

Not many people know this about me but: I did a Private Detective course. I can use the initials "PI" after my name (I have a certificate and everything) HOW COOL!

Best piece of advice ever given: "Laugh at everything, especially yourself!"

2nd best piece of advice ever given: Whilst in France, my passenger screamed "IN THIS COUNTRY THEY DRIVE ON THE RIIIGHTTTTT!!!"