Labrinth with Dan and Katy

Labrinth came in to see Dan and Katy, and as usual he was a top bloke.

We were told by his management that Labrinth was hanging around in Birmingham for a bit, so we thought we'd make a video for you lot to get your eyes on.

After giving him a few ideas including Labi-Flints, Labi-Mints and Labi-Rinse, he went for Cabirinth.  Yep, we interviewed Lab in a Cab.

His new single is out in a couple of weeks, and what is one of the most highly anticipated albums of the year is out out in April - Electric Earth.

Listen to how he responded to our ideas below, and check out the video too.  Ta!

Labrinth with Dan and Katy

Thanks to TOA Taxis for the loan of the cab, and to Labrinth for being an all round top bloke (we love him).