Posh Ben's Timeline:

It's the second day of Capital Breakfast's Bullring to Bullring challenge. Posh Ben has 48 hours to get from a bullring in Madrid back to Birmingham's Bullring. With no money!

Follow his progress here or @DanandKaty on Twitter.

Friday 8.00am


Our Square face producer has travelled 1200 miles with no money and only his passport.

Friday 6.00am

On the way to Birmingham!

Capital Breakfast listeners Andre and Lee from Erdington have driven from their house to Banbury Services to pick up Posh Ben and drop him back to Bullring Birmingham

We love our listeners so amazing!

Friday 1:00am

After hours of travelling Posh Ben needs a little sleep! The guys from Holiday Inn Express really pulled out all the stops and gave our Benny Boy a free room.

We assume he showered first, well we hope so atlesat.

Friday 12:00am

After hours attempting to hitch hike Posh Ben made friends with an American who now lives in the UK! Patrick (The American) gave Posh Ben a lift a further 30 miles to Banbury

Thursday 10:30pm

Posh Ben has done his best blagging and has been given a lift up the M40 in a snazy BMW Convertable (Posh Ben's words not mind) Snazy cmon Ben....

A lovely listener Russ has given Posh Ben a lift such a nice bloke. He has dropped them as far as he could which was Oxford Services! This could be a long night...

Thursday 10:00pm

Posh Ben has made it from Paris and is now in LONDON!!!! He has never been happier to speak to someone who doesn't think he's crazy!

All he needs to do now is blag his way from London to Birmingham

Not long now...

Thursday 7:00pm

Posh Ben is now boarding the Eurostar and is almost in the UK! but it's not over he still needs to get form London to Birmingham.

Could be tricky!

Thursday 5:00pm

YAY, Posh Ben's finally learned to blag... he has a ticket from Paris back to ENGLAND! Posh Ben will be going on the Eurostar arriving at St Pancras Station in London.

Thursday 4:30pm

Posh Ben is still stranded! He has travelled 16 hours on a coach from Madrid and is now asking everyone and anyone in Paris for help.

Poor Ben!

Thursday 12:10pm

Yippee... Posh Ben has made it to Paris! so to re-cap. Stuck in Madrid for hours with locals thinking he was crazy to a 16 hours on a coach and again passangers thinking he was crazy.

Not that far to go now Posh Ben!

Thursday 9:40am

Posh Ben is currently in Langeais, Indre-et-Loire, France north of Bordeaux and 170 miles from Paris. cmon Ben not far now to Bullring Birmingham

Thursday 8:40am

Posh Ben finally raps for his lovely non speaking English passengers oh and they all think he is crazy... We assume it's down to the smell lol poor #poshben

Thursday 8:30am

So we have convinced Posh Ben to rap on the bus but he can't trick us... rapping in the corner where no one can hear you isn't on Benny boy!

So when we caught him out he hung up, how rude!

We will try him again in a few minutes lol

Thursday 6.00

Right then we have just phoned Posh Ben who isn't in the best of moods as he is on his 16 hour coach journey to Paris!

We've asked Ben how he is feeling and here is what he has to say... "I smell, my feet hurt, I have a headache oh and I want to be home in bed!

Randomly the bus company makes them all stop for a rest every 2 hours... not fun!

We will catch up with him later this morning...

Wednesday 7:45pm

About time... Posh Ben has finally blagged his way on a coach out of Madrid, it's only taken a DAY!!!

A 16 hour coach trip will see him in Paris!

Wednesday 4.30pm

He's found it! Just. Posh Ben has managed to find Radio Maria in Madrid, the station run by Nuns. One problem though, they're off enjoying the fiesta.

So that's Nun-fail that Posh Ben can add to the list of Bullring to Bullring fail. There's still time yet!

Latest update from Posh Ben, he's worrying about getting out of Madrid. Will he make it back to Bullring Birmingham for Friday breakfast?

Wednesday 3.00pm

Right then, the latest from Posh Ben in Spain... well, he's still in Madrid.

The transport out of Madrid is at a total standstill as everyone is enjoying the fiesta - no, not the car, the festival that's taken over the entire city.

Next stop for Posh Ben is a fellow radio station, Spain's Radio Maria. It's run by Nuns - they've got to help him, right?

Wednesday 1.15pm

Back in the Spanish hotel, Posh Ben is seemingly stuck in Madrid. So far that's the train, bus and metro that he's tried to blag so far... and he's still in the city.

Quick break and back out into the city.

Wednesday 12.00pm

Is Posh Ben out of Madrid? Well, no.

Our Posh Ben tracker says that he's made it to a train station in the north of the city. He's not allowed on a plane or a boat, but there's nothing stopping him getting a train... or is there?

It's bank holiday in Madrid, meaning that everything's closed and everybody's off work. It's not looking good, can Posh Ben even get out of Spain today?

Wednesday 11.30am

It's official, Posh Ben cannot blag anything... Metro blagging fail. Bus blagging fail. Next attempt, the Madrid tube. But can he blag his way out the city?

So one hour down and Posh Ben is still in Madrid.

Wednesday 10.55am

The latest update from Posh Ben out in Madrid... well, he's still in Madrid. After Metro blagging fail, he's on his way to the bus station to see if he can get out the city.

Wednesday 10.30am

A quick stop off for breakfast for Posh Ben at a cafe in the centre of Madrid. He's planning his escape from Spain... but not very well. With only a few Spanish phrases left for him by Dan and Katy, Ben just about managed to order some breakfast - the phrase about strippers really wasn't that helpful when asking for coffee.

The plan for today? Get out of Spain, however he can! First stop of the day is the Metro station to see if Posh Ben can blag his way out of the city. Anyone got any blagging tips?

Oh, what we didn't realise, it's a Spanish bank holiday... everything is closed and it's busy, busy, busy in Madrid.

Wednesday 10.00am

Posh Ben is in Spain! Well, Madrid to be precise... with no money and not even a Spanish to English dictionary can he can back to the UK by Friday?

After a comforatble night in a Spanish hotel, Ben is heading down one of Madrid's main roads into the city centre - on foot of course. What will he find? What does the day have in store? Keep following his progress on here and Twitter.

Tuesday PM

We've packed Posh Ben off on a plane heading for Madrid - he doesn't know why, or what for, but he's on his way!

It all kicked off with a car journey from the Capital towers to Luton airport, with an apprehensive Posh Ben trying to figure out how he could blag his way back to the UK. Dan and Katy have packed Ben off with some Spanish phrases, but he doesn't speak any Spanish.

You can see Posh Ben's video diary from the plane journey, including his special version of Sak Noel and his own plane-based rap, online now.