Os Fest 2011

 Wowzaa, where do I start! If you are a hardened festival goer, or a complete and utter festival virgin you will absolutely love Os Fest.

Set in the beautiful Shropshire countryside you are quite literally a stone’s throw from Birmingham! It takes just over an hour to get there, (which is perfect if you’re an impatient little party stomper like me!)

Os Fest 2011 Unlike most festivals Os Fest doesn’t target a specific genre of music, which means it caters for all tastes. It also means you could be rocking it out to electro, folk, rock, pop, hip hop, or rap, with a real variety of different types of people to rock with. A place for the young and old, the chilled and the crazy Os fest provides the entertainment and you can choose the pace! One of the best parts was meeting some of the little kids who had donned their wellies for their first ever festy experience. You could see from the sparkle in their eyes that this would not be their last and that a lifelong obsession with camping in dirty fields and dancing to tunes had begun.  

Music starts on main stage around 11am and continues till 11am at night, I was lucky enough to be hosting this year’s festival with a best friend and fellow presenter Clayton Wright. The great thing about the main stage was acts ranged from local talent, who were performing at their first festival to quite literally the man of the moment ‘Example’ whose new single has just gone in at number 1 in the ‘Big Top 40’ ‘Changed the way you kissed meOs Fest 2011 .’ The atmosphere was nothing short of electric during his set, as it was with Tiny Temper and of course welsh favourites Goldie Looking Chain!  

 Aside of the main stage there was lots going on to keep you entertained when you fancied a wander, a pimms buss, inflatable games, cardboard crafts, even a couple of donkeys from a local rescue centre were among the amusements! To prevent any upset footie fans from missing out on watching the Champions league this was also screened in one of the tents on the Saturday, much to my delight as I love watching Manchester Unite loose!

Looking back now a week or so on all I can do is smile. The craziness, the dancing, the sunshine, the setting and the people made this festival a real hit. With ticket prices cheaper than any other festival I’ve recently been to and Os Fest 2011 in such close proximity to Birmingham I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for fun times.