Moseley Folk

Moseley Folk 2nd, 3rd, 4th of September

When I think back to previous years at Moseley folk festival I feel like I’m reliving one long, beautiful, hazy dream…

…The sun seems to shine all weekend, spreading the late summer rays all across the enchanting secret park, before the sun itself finally sets over the lake. Bliss.

Whether you’re into the more traditional folk music, or something with a little bit extra like a hint of rock or electric, there’s something at Moseley Folk Festival for everyone.

Joyful festival children run around chasing bubbles, being entertained by the fairground rides, mesmerised by the story telling pirates, flying through the air on the swings or copying the swans that wander about freely mingling with the crowds.

For you and I there’s the chance to make real music yourself by taking part in a music workshop, discovering the very roots of British culture by having a go at Morris dancing or even just chilling out on the grass with a picnic and a Pimms. How very British!

There’s so much to see and do at this festival. Music, activities and tons of new people to meet and friends to make.

But, ultimately, the best thing about this perfectly formed festival is that you are able to take it at your own pace. If you’re suffering from the previous night’s festivities, everyone is happy for you to just take the time out to listen to the bands, catch up with old friends and enjoy making new ones.

Being only 3 miles from Birmingham city centre, this is a festival that you really shouldn’t miss. It is yours after all. Take advantage of what you have.

Forget camping in a muddy field, brushing your teeth in front of strangers and tripping over guide ropes trying to find your tent… you are just a stumble or a short taxi away from home after a wonderfully cultured, folksy, happy weekend.

For more information check out the website.