Dan and Katy Meet Alan Carr

Alan Carr is in town this weekend - here's our chat with him when he came in earlier in the year.

Dan and Katy chatted to Alan about his tour 'Spexy Beast' that's coming to Birmingham in October, Dan's book 'Birth Faces' (which he didn't endorse!) and you asked Alan anything...

He was an awesome guest to have on the show, so enjoy the full interview here!


Dan and Katy Meet Alan Carr


He didn't answer all of the questions, so Dan and Katy have given some of the rest a go here!

"I think it would be hilarious if Alan challenged Posh Ben to a rap off!! My money is on Alan to be better than Posh Ben!! Vicky from Great Barr"

DAN: It would be unfair on Ben to put him up against a lyrical genius like Alan Carr!

"Alan me and my fiance get married the 1st October 2011 in Dudley! You're in Birmingham the following day - do you want to come? Gav and Leanne"

KATY: I'll come!  I've never been a bridesmaid!  Or a bride... 

"It's international nurses day - has Alan ever met a naughty nurse?"

DAN: When's he not with one?!

"Hiya Alan, I like this guy but everyone has interfered and now I look like somekind of stalker, what should I do? From Lucy"

KATY: If he likes you he'll come running, just make sure you're looking super hot when you see him...  Make him come to you!

"Will you marry me Alan!? From Kelly on my way to college"

DAN:  No, you're a girl!