Capital Breakfast with Dan and Katy

Dan and Katy are like a brother and sister…  They fight, they make up, and they fight again, all before 6 o’clock in the morning!  This lovely pair launched Capital FM Birmingham in January 2011, but have known each other for a lot longer than that.  In fact, Dan reckons that he’s seen Katy more than he’s seen his wife over the last four years!

Things you need to know about Dan:

Dan moved to Birmingham from Leicester in 1999, although only for a brief stunt before flying off to DJ in Dubai for four years.  He came back to Brum in 2003, and has been gracing the city (or more likely, grating) with his insights, opinions and terrible celebrity impressions ever since.  Olly Murs, Oritse from JLS, Example…  He gives them all a crack, and fails miserably at every one!

Other things…  He's short, he's bald, his head gets very cold. He's a city boy who loves gadgets, Twitter, and eating beef for breakfast.  Some people call him pessimistic, but he reckons he’s just a realist.  If you wake up thinking today's going to be rubbish, you'll never be disappointed!

He also has a bit of an obsession with his iTunes account – the thousands upon thousands of tracks he has on there have every single detail written down about them. If one thing isn't right or out of place... the world ends. FACT!

Things you need to know about Katy:

Katy is a country girl who moved to Birmingham 4 years ago and has since been raiding charity shops across the city.  She arrived in a rusty old campervan but sold it a few months ago, and is now a proud home owner in Acocks Green that she shares with a live in pet rabbit.

She loves a bargain and spends her weekends in tents doing hippy stuff like making daisy chains and finger puppets, usually at one of the many festivals that take place across the UK (especially if Ed Sheeran will be there – she’s becoming a bit of a stalker!)

Having said that, she's got her head very tightly screwed on and is a very sensible girl... most of the time.  When she's not in the studio doing the show, she's looking at Facebook.  And when she's in the studio doing the show, she's looking at Facebook.  Just like the rest of us addicted lot!

So as you can see, Dan and Katy are very different, but they're made for each other.  Besides, they're all we've got, so you'd better put up with them!  You can follow the guys on Twitter - @danandkaty – or find them on Facebook through the website –