Love Island's Amber Gill Reveals Why She Wouldn’t Date Ovie Soko, Despite 'Weird' Pressure From Fans

16 September 2019, 12:14

Amber said Ovie is like a 'brother'.
Amber said Ovie is like a 'brother'. Picture: instagram

Amber Gill has opened up about why there isn't a potential romance with Ovie Soko.

Love Island winner, Amber Gill, has admitted she wouldn’t date Ovie Soko, as their friendship is ‘so good’.

The 22-year-old beauty therapist was quick to shut down fan’s hopes of a romance, after she told Ok! Online she gets hundreds of messages begging the pair to be a couple.

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She said: “It is a weird thing for me because he's like my brother. I get those types of messages about Ovie and I all the time.

"Oh my God, the amount of people that want it to happen.

"But they are going to ruin the friendship! I don't know why they want to ruin something good.”

She explained that she didn’t want to ruin anything by escalating their friendship into something else.

She said: "I would prefer to have him as a friend. We have never really thought of each other like that – its a bit strange that everybody comments on it all the time. I'm like 'Oh my God, no, stop.'

"He is always going to be there no matter what if he's my friend, he's going to be there through boyfriends, through anything.”

Rumours that Ovie's girlfriend, India Reynolds, had cheated on him began to swirl last week.

However, Amber has put the rumours to bed, saying: “Besides Ovie and India are still together – I just saw them last Monday at the TV Choice Awards and they were very much still together."

Amber, who recently bagged herself a £1million MissPap deal, also admitted that she wasn’t ready for another relationship, following her recent break-up with rugby player, Greg O’Shea.

When asked if she's ready to see new people, Amber said: "No way, I dealt with two boys over the summer, I don’t need to deal with any more right now.

"That’s enough to last me for the year. I am definitely off men for the minute. I'm happy by myself – definitely. I’m not looking for anything. I don’t have the time any more to date to be honest. I’m happy where I am."

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