Love Island 2019's Ovie Soko: Age, Basketball Career, Height & Instagram Handle

22 July 2019, 12:41

Ovie Soko's job, age, height revealed
Ovie Soko's job, age, height revealed. Picture: Getty Images/ ITV2 Love Island

Ovie Soko has taken Love Island by storm and become a total fan favourite- so what does he do in the real world, how tall is he really and what is his Instagram handle?

When Ovie Soko was dropped into the 2019 Love Island villa during Casa Amor, we don't think anyone, islanders and the nation alike, was quite ready for such a legend to make his mark on the show.

The basketball player won over the villa and nation with his carefree, positive attitude, dance moves and general hilarity- oh and he's incredibly good looking too which usually helps.

He first had his sights set on Anna Vakili, but things didn't go too smoothly- fortunately for him, bombshell India Reynolds was exactly what he was looking for and the pair are getting on very well at the moment.

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So, let's find out everything you need to know about the professional athlete and all-round icon, Ovie.

Everything you need to know about Ovie Soko
Everything you need to know about Ovie Soko. Picture: ITV/Love Island

How old is Ovie Soko?

Ovie is 28-years-old and from Epsom, London.

How tall is Ovie?

Islanders love to talk about how one of their main attributes they're looking for in a man is their height, enter Ovie. As a professional basketball player, he is bound to be above average height, but standing at 6'' 7, he is the tallest contestant in there by a long shot.

What is Ovie's job?

Ovie is a British professional basketball player who has played over in the USA for a number of year, but now plays for Great Britain, as you do.

What is Ovie's Instagram handle?

You can follow the professional athlete at @oviesoko, where his verified account nearly has a million followers already, so you'd better start following him now, because we guarantee he will be delivering some quality content once he gets back into the real world!

What is Ovie's best quality?

Although he only rates himself an 8/10 (so bashful), Ovie says that his best quality is his personality, saying: "Wherever I go around the world, I think I can be an 8. My best feature is my personality, I am just a vibe and people like being around my energy."

However, he isn't all about bragging, and describes his lesser qualities: "I’m opinionated - if I have an opinion I’ll say my piece. I’m a straight shooter who is honest and have been told sometimes that I can be too honest. Plus I’m a competitor, it comes with my job, it’s built into my DNA."

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