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Liam Payne's new album will be released in December

Liam Payne Album: Release Date, Title, And All The Details On The One Direction Star’s Debut Album

Liam Payne is trying to sell his mansion again

Liam Payne Is Selling His LA Mansion For £9 Million – Take A Look Inside His Seriously Impressive Home

Liam and Cheryl dated for two-and-a-half-years.

Cheryl Reportedly Branded Rita Ora 'Disrespectful' After Steamy 'For You' Performance With Liam Payne

Liam Payne plays Quizface with Jimmy Hill

WATCH: Liam Payne Talks One Direction Hiatus, Shamila & Tattoos On Quizface

One Direction invented their own pre-show drink and it sounds disgusting

One Direction Invented Their Own Pre-Show Drink & It's Honestly Horrific

Liam Payne spells out why the 1D boys don't talk every day

Liam Payne Explains Why It's Fine For One Direction Not To Talk All The Time

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