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Liam Payne and Harry Styles reunited at JBB

WATCH: Liam Payne Reveals What Harry Styles Spoke To Him About When One Direction Stars Reunited After 3 Years

Liam Payne said he 'could think of four people' he'd like to collaborate with

Liam Payne Says He Wants To ‘Collaborate With Four People’ – Sending One Direction Fans Into Meltdown

One Direction's glow up throughout the decade

One Direction's Decade Glow Ups, From 2010 Boy Band To 2020 Solo Superstars

Liam Payne in Capital's Origins

WATCH: Liam Payne Talks One Direction, X Factor, Cheryl & Bear On 'Origins'

Liam Payne watched Harry Styles perform at the Jingle Bell Ball

Liam Payne Just Watched Harry Styles Perform One Direction At The Jingle Bell Ball

Liam Payne snuck his 'LP1' track listing into his interview

WATCH: Liam Payne Sneaks 'LP1' Lyrics Into His #CapitalJBB Interview

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