Liam Payne Wants To Cover 'Watermelon Sugar' By Bandmate Harry Styles

2 August 2021, 17:28 | Updated: 2 August 2021, 17:33

Will Liam Payne cover Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar'?
Will Liam Payne cover Harry Styles' 'Watermelon Sugar'? Picture: Getty
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'Watermelon Sugar' gets covered all the time... but now Harry Styles' One Direction brother, Liam Payne, wants to do a rendition of the song!

Liam Payne wants to cover Harry Styles' mega-successful hit 'Watermelon Sugar' and we're not okay!

The fellow ex-One Direction members both have had insanely successful solo careers since their boyband days – but can we expect a crossover between their discographies? Liam has insinuated just that!

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Is a Liam Payne 'Watermelon Sugar' cover in the works?

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Liam Payne shows Harry Styles' discography some love
Liam Payne shows Harry Styles' discography some love. Picture: Getty

On Saturday, Liam went on Instagram Live to talk to his fans about potential setlist ideas for when he's back on the road and performing live again.

If that wasn't exciting enough, fans then got a very promising proposal from the 'Strip That Down' singer – he offered to cover one of the biggest earworms to come out of the 1D boys' careers!

During the live-stream, the dad-of-one said: "I think I'd also like to cover, for one of the shows – if you guys let me do this again, some of the boys' solo songs."

The 27-year-old musician got more specific: "I mean 'Watermelon Sugar' (high), a lot of fun."

A Payne rendition of the positive bop would, indeed, be a lot of fun.

Harry Styles and Liam Payne always gush over each other's music
Harry Styles and Liam Payne always gush over each other's music. Picture: Getty

This isn't the first time Liam has expressed his love for Harry's mega-successful tune!

In another live-stream video the 'For You' singer couldn't help but sing along to the sugary bop as it played in the background – we can't help but sing along either...

After having a little karaoke session along to the hit, Liam gushed: "I always get a smile on my face when those song come on. I'm sorry, how can you not?

"I'm dead proud of everyone it's wicked!"

Liam Payne sings a bit of 'Watermelon Sugar' in live stream

We love to see the boys continuing to support each other's creative endeavours even after 11 years since the band was formed!

This may be the closest we'll get to a One Direction reunion for a while – so we'll take it.

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