Taylor Swift’s Ex Joe Alwyn Has Reportedly ‘Moved On’ & Is ‘Dating And Happy’

29 April 2024, 13:23 | Updated: 3 May 2024, 07:50

Joe Alwyn has reportedly 'moved on' from Taylor Swift
Joe Alwyn has reportedly 'moved on' from Taylor Swift. Picture: Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Taylor Swift’s ex Joe Alwyn has allegedly 'moved on' from his six-year relationship with the superstar as sources claim he’s ‘dating and happy.’

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None of us have been strangers to Taylor Swift’s love life, especially considering her latest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department’ has essentially covered this past chapter of her life.

From her break up with Joe Alwyn to her fling with Matt Healy to finally, her love with Travis Kelce, it can all be found in the likes of ‘So Long London’, ‘The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived' and ‘The Alchemy’ from her latest album.

But we’ve heard almost nada from the notoriously private Joe since Taylor dropped her double album on the 19th of April. However, sources have come forward with some claims about the actor and where he's at in his own life right now.

Fans believe Taylor’s song ‘loml’ will be about ex-Joe Alwyn
Fans believe Taylor’s song ‘loml’ will be about ex-Joe Alwyn. Picture: Getty

Joe Alwyn stars in Kinds of Kindness teaser

With Taylor having moved on with Travis back in 2023, everyone’s been eagerly awaiting to see who Joe will date next and whilst no names have been put forward, he's allegedly actively dating.

According to a source at People, Joe has been “dating and happy,” despite being the focal point of the biggest album of the year.

The actor has been spotted hanging out with female co-stars outside of production, however, none have been confirmed as romantic.

“He’s a great guy and not into drama in any way,” the source told the publication, claiming the actor had “moved on” from the pop star.

Joe Alwyn co-wrote six songs with ex girlfriend Taylor Swift
Joe Alwyn co-wrote six songs with ex girlfriend Taylor Swift. Picture: Getty

Taylor and Joe reportedly split in May 2023 just as Taylor’s Eras Tour kicked off. The end of the six-year relationship shocked fans, but the pair seemingly ended things on good terms.

The source told the publication “[Joe] certainly doesn’t talk poorly about her… He was in love with her, and it just didn’t work out.”

Taylor may have a number of songs written about Joe in ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department’, however, it seemed it was done with the utmost respect for their relationship.

A source had previously spoken to the Daily Mail about Joe’s reaction to the album, as they revealed that the actor was “slightly disappointed, but not surprised at all.”

Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were rumoured to have been engaged at one point
Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn were rumoured to have been engaged at one point. Picture: Getty

“There has been absolutely zero contact between them… She did not run these songs by him, but he did not expect her to.”Finally, that source said, “She didn’t really trash him or defame him. Joe is not going to react to this.”

Taylor shared a statement after her album was released about how she didn’t want her fans going after those she thought were the muses to her music, but obviously, she did so in a far more poetic way.

“This period of the author's life is now over, the chapter closed and boarded up,” she wrote in her statement, “There is nothing to avenge, no scores to settle once wounds have healed”

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