Love Island’s Josh And Sophie Shock Fans With Major Relationship Milestone

22 March 2024, 10:02 | Updated: 22 March 2024, 11:08

Josh and Sophie made their relationship official in March 2024
Josh and Sophie made their relationship official in March 2024. Picture: Instagram: @sophpiper_/ITV

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island’s Josh Ritchie and Sophie Piper have reached a huge relationship milestone and the moment was incredibly cute. Here's what happened.

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Die-hard fans of Josh Ritchie and Sophie Piper’s Love Island love story thought the couple should have won their season of All Stars.

However, despite coming in third after Jess Gale and Callum Jones (second) and Molly Smith and Tom Clare, some could say they are winners in their own right, especially after Josh's recent super romantic gesture where he asked Rochelle Humes's sister to become his girlifriend.

Ready to take the leap with Sophie, he got in tune with his sweet side and organised something really special for the big moment.

Love Island's Josh and Sophie kissing
Josh has already met Sophie's sister Rochelle Humes. Picture: Instagram: @joshuaritchie1

He booked a luxurious room at the Down Hall Hotel & Spa in Bishop's Stortford, where he organised to have red balloons fill the ceiling and rose petals beautifully scattered around the bed.

Not only that, but more petals were carefully placed on top of the duvet to spell out ‘Will you be my GF?’.

In a video Josh uploaded to his Instagram Stories, he filmed Sophie in the room, wearing a comfortable green tracksuit set before saying “Look what we have here then,” and panning to the bed where the question was written.

Before panning back to Sophie and saying: “Thankfully, she said no.”

Sophie and Josh were paired together by fan vote in Love Island All Stars 2024
Sophie and Josh were paired together by fan vote in Love Island All Stars 2024. Picture: Instagram: @sophpiper_

Before you let your heart drop out of your chest, know he was joking. Sophie continued the joke by laughing and sarcastically told the camera “I don't think we're at that stage yet, I think there's a lot of stuff still that we're working out.”

Sophie and Josh both then broke out into laughter, supposedly at how ridiculous the concept that 'they wouldn't be ready' is, especially when they’re so in love.

Sophie and Josh were paired together in the first week at the villa by fan vote and whilst Chris Taylor was in the running for her heart for the shortest period, it became obvious to anyone watching with eyes that Sophie’s heart belonged to Josh.

Love Island's Joshua Ritchie asks Sophie Piper to be his girlfriend

From the sounds of things, the pair have done it the right way by meeting each other's families first.

Reportedly just a week after All Stars wrapped, Sophie’s half-sister Rochelle Humes spilled while hosting This Morning that she’d already been introduced to Josh.

Rochelle explained: “I was like is it serious? Like how do these things work? I can’t talk to her whilst she’s in a villa so I’m like ‘Yeah but, do you actually like him?’ And then she said, ‘Can I bring him over on Sunday?‘“

During the Love Island finale, Josh confessed he wanted Sophie to be his girlfriend but he wanted to introduce her to his family and friends first and it sounds like they’ve done just that!

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