New Love Island Star Ched Uzor's Real Age Is Baffling Viewers As They Claim He 'Looks 40'

5 February 2020, 12:23

Love Island’s new arrival Ched Uzor is just 23 years old, but viewers reckon he looks a lot older.

After Rebecca Gormley had Love Island viewers branding her a “liar” when she revealed her age, another island newbie has left fans equally as confused.

When the boys in the main villa packed up and re-located to Casa Amor, six new lads took their place to mingle with the likes of Siannise Fudge, Jess Gale, and Shaughna Phillips.

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Amongst the bombshells was Ched Uzor, who quickly had fans baffled over his age. So, how old is Chez?

The reality TV hopeful is just 23 years old – but viewers aren't convinced.

Ched Uzor is just 23 years old
Ched Uzor is just 23 years old. Picture: ITV2

“These islanders need to stop lying about their ages!” One person tweeted, as another said: “What are they feeding people these days?”

Meanwhile, many speculated whether the islander had previously taken steroids after seeing his muscly build.

Ched has been getting to know Jess in the villa, and on Tuesday night’s episode his chat with the 20-year-old left viewers in stitches as he struggled to get his words out while trying to tell the blonde beauty how he feels about her.

Iain Stirling even joked before the pair’s chat aired: “Jess desperately wants to know what Ched thinks about her. And by the sounds of it, so does Ched.”

After Jess asked: “What was your first impression of me?”, Ched stumbled: “Do you know what like, you know when you first like, you like, you’re like “awww she’s…” Do you know, like, a blonde girl, do you know what I mean like, you think… awww…”

Jess then agreed: “Well observed,” to which Ched replied: “No no no, but do you know what I mean like…”

Eventually, the scaffolder from Surrey found his words and said: “Obviously you’re a good looking girl. You know when you just look at someone and you’re like, 'I wanna find out more about her, I wanna see what she’s about'.”

Jess' former partner Mike Boateng has also had his head turned, so the duo will likely return with new love interests when Casa Amor comes to an end.

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