Who Is Love Island 2020's Siânnise Fudge? Everything We Know Including Where She's From And Her Job

20 February 2020, 17:20

Siannise Fudge said she knows what she's looking for in the villa
Siannise Fudge said she knows what she's looking for in the villa. Picture: ITV2

Siânnise Fudge is currently on Love Island 2020 and happily coupled up with Luke T but who is she? Here's what we know about the contestant from her age to career.

Siânnise Fudge is one of the original contestants in season six of Love Island 2020 and has now found happiness with Luke T, who entered the show as a bombshell.

Speaking in her VT, she said her friends call her 'Princess Jasmine' and 'the Eyebrow Queen'.

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But who is Siânnise, where is she from and what is her job? Here's what we know...

Who is Siânnise Fudge and what is her job?

Siânnise is a 25-year-old beauty consultant from Bristol.

Listing her eyebrows as her best feature, she described herself as 'sassy and fun', saying: "I’ve experienced quite a lot with men, so I know what I’m looking for.

"If I see something I want, I’m not afraid to go for it. That’s what I’m going into the villa to do. I’m up for a challenge!"

Her ideal man is Anthony Joshua and 90's Leonardo DiCaprio. We can totally get on board with those two.

Siânnise is a beauty consultant from Bristol
Siânnise Fudge is a beauty consultant from Bristol. Picture: Instagram

What's Siannise's Instagram?

Her Instagram handle is @siannisefudge and she typically posts sultry selfies. But while her friends and family take the reins of her social media profiles her account has been posting snaps from within the villa and her hilarious meme-worthy moments.

Siânnise is a beauty consultant from Bristol
The Love Island contestant is a big fan of her eyebrows. Picture: Instagram

What has Siânnise said about Love Island?

The song she used to describe her love life was 'Survivor' by Destiny's Child and, if that's anything to go by, we're sure she'll stand by who she wants on the show.

Talking about her turn-offs, she said: "Arrogance, or someone who is full of themselves," also adding that when it comes to loyalty, it's dependent on if you like the person.

"If anyone has a wandering eye, they can’t like that person that much," she added.

Who is Siânnise coupled up with?

Siânnise was originally coupled up with Nas before entering a love triangle with Rebecca for Luke T's attention. Following an emotional Casa Amor visit, Siânnise and Luke T are stronger than ever after remaining loyal to one another.

In the final week of the show, Luke asked Siânnise to be his girlfriend and they'll no doubt reach the final.

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