Love Island's New Bombshell Rebecca Gormley Accused Of 'Lying' About Her Age By Fans

20 January 2020, 16:59 | Updated: 20 January 2020, 17:01

Fans can't believe she's only 21
Fans can't believe she's only 21. Picture: ITV

Love Island fans think Rebecca Gormley has lied about her age as she looks 'way older' than 21.

Love Island's Rebecca Gormley is the latest bombshell to enter the villa and she's already causing a stir as fans are accusing her of 'lying' about her age.

In her VT, she claimed she's 21 but viewers aren't convinced.

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One wrote: "The new girl going on is 21?? She looked like she was pushing 40..."

"How are 21 year olds on Love Island (and in general tbh) looking about 28 but I’m 25 this week and still looking about 18? Cool. Thanks...[sic]," added another.

Fans can't believe Rebecca is only 21
Fans can't believe Rebecca is only 21. Picture: Instagram

A third said: "This new bombshell is 21 years old y'know???? Madddddd, she deffo lied about her age lmaoooo [sic]".

The Geordie beauty, who holds the title of Miss Newcastle 2018, isn't the only one who has confused fans over her age.

Finley Tapp was called out on social media for looking 'middle-aged' when he entered the villa with Connagh Howard.

One viewer took to Twitter to say: "That Finley must of had a heavy paper round... 20 years old looking middle aged."

"Finley is gonna have to get that birth certificate out for the camera because I do not believe he’s 20. #loveisland [sic]," added another.

Fans were speculating that he was older after claiming 'he snores like a 40-year-old', with one saying: "Nahh Finley even snores like a 40 year old. No way he's 20, someone look at his passport #LoveIsland [sic]."

"Finley even snores like an old man. even after seeing his birth certificate I won’t believe that he’s 20. #LoveIsland," said another.

Love Island continues at 9pm on ITV2.

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