Love Island Spoiler Shows Mike Boateng Snap At Shaughna Phillips Telling Her To ‘Shut Up’ During Headline Challenge

12 February 2020, 11:40 | Updated: 12 February 2020, 14:51

Shaughna is set to pop off at Mike during the show
Shaughna is set to pop off at Mike during the show. Picture: ITV

Mike Boateng snapped at Shaughna Phillips in the preview for the upcoming Love Island episode after he was branded a 'snake’ in the headline game.

Mike Boateng and Shaughna Phillips are set to clash on an upcoming episode of Love Island after she exposes her co-star during the headline game.

In the preview for tonight’s show, the contestants play the brutal challenge where they have to read out headlines and guess who, in the villa, they’re written about.

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Shaughna asks the Islanders to fill in the name, as she reads out: “Love Island’s [blank] is branded 'snake’ after his reaction to Shaughna being brutally dumped by Callum.”

Guessing that it was Mike, she added: “Some people forget they’re mic’d and on a TV show.”

Shaughna read out the headline to the Islanders
Shaughna read out the headline to the Islanders. Picture: ITV

He quickly hit back with: “Shut up man, it’s not a game anymore. That’s taking the p**s,” and we predict a huge showdown between the pair!

This comes after Mike and Finley Tapp came under fire by fans when they tried to cheer up a heartbroken Shaughna after Callum Jones dumped her for Molly Smith in Casa Amor.

Some viewers claimed the boys seemed like they were defending Callum, with Finn saying: “I do think he has been quite different in Casa Amor. He seemed like he got more affectionate. I don’t know if she bought that out of him or he’s been keeping that back.”

Mike then added: “As soon as we got to Casa Amor, Callum completely transformed himself into a whole different person.”

Some Love Island fans were on Shaughna's side
Some Love Island fans were on Shaughna's side. Picture: Twitter
Tweets showed mixed feelings about the Love Island collision
Tweets showed mixed feelings about the Love Island collision. Picture: Twitter

Tensions seem high for the clash and some fans have even turned on Shaughna for popping off at Mike, with one tweeting: “I don’t get why Shaughna always has to make these sly comments, mind your business and get ya own s**t together, so glad Mike is coming for her. It’s been ENOUGH!! #LoveIsland.”

However, some people still have her back, with another penning: “I’m so confused, why is it that a lot of people seem to be turning on Shaughna? Like what’s she done wrong? Called it like she sees it with Mike? That’s what it seems to me and there’s legit nothing wrong with that.”

Love Island continues tonight on ITV2 at 9pm.

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