Did Love Island's Matilda Draper And Ronnie Vint Date? Their Shared History Explained

20 June 2024, 11:51 | Updated: 21 June 2024, 08:49

How does Ronie Vint know bombshell Matilda Draper?
How does Ronie Vint know bombshell Matilda Draper? Picture: ITV

By Abbie Reynolds

Matilda Draper entered Love Island as a bombshell already knowing Ronnie Vint. Here's how they met and what happened between them before the villa.

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Former islander Olivia Attwood wasn't wrong when she said Ronnie Vint was "giving us all lots to talk about", not only has he been juggling Jess White, Harriett Blackmore and Tiffany Leighton in the Love Island villa, he has had history with bombshell Uma Jammeh.

And now another bombshell has walked in and it just happens he has history with her too! When Matilda Draper entered the villa, alongside Konnor Ewudzi, she shouted up to Ronnie: "Ronnie Boy!"

At first Ronnie denied knowing the new girl before it clicked and he turned to the boys saying: "Oh, I do know her!"

But how do they know each other? Is there a connection there ready to be reignited? Here's what we know about Ronnie and Matilda's shared history.

Ronnie was very excited when the bombshell's arrived
Ronnie was very excited when the bombshell's arrived. Picture: ITV

How does Ronnie Vint know Love Island's Matilda Draper and did they date?

Of course most us expected Ronnie to have had a romantic past with Matilda, but for now it doesn't look that way.

Once Ronnie had clocked where he knew the bombshell from, he said: "My pal was seeing her."

So it looks as if they didn't date but she did date a friend of his, we wonder if he'll look her way or stick by the so-called 'bro code' and not explore a connection with her.

The islanders do follow each other on Instagram, confirming their interactions outside of the villa.

Love Island's Ronnie gets a blast from the past as familiar face enters the villa

When Matilda entered the villa Ronnie was coupled up with Tiffany after she stole him from Harriett. He's been in a couple with three different girls in the villa, so fans are expecting him to look Matilda's way.

One viewer wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, "i just KNOWWWW Ronnie is gonna jump on Matilda as soon as he sees her".

Another said: "chileeee it's the fact Ronnie and Matilda know each other. Tiffany lasted a real quick minute."

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