Inside Love Island's Olivia Attwood And Ronnie Vint's Friendship

20 June 2024, 10:45

Ronnie Vint considers Olivia Attwood his sister
Ronnie Vint considers Olivia Attwood his sister. Picture: ITV/Getty

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island’s Ronnie Vint has a close relationship with ex-love islander Olivia Attwood and her husband Bradley Dack. But how do they know each other? Here’s an inside look at their friendship.

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Love Island’s Ronnie Vint has been one of the villa’s most popular islanders, as he found himself jumping from Jess White to Harriett Blackmore to Tiffany Leighton all within two weeks.

But this isn’t Ronnie’s first rodeo hanging out with islanders, the footballer entered the villa already knowing the iconic Olivia Attwood who appeared on series 3 of the reality show in 2017, her husband Bradley Dack, and even dating her friend and co-star Amber Davies for a while.

But how do Olivia Attwood and Ronnie Vint know one another? How are they friends? Here’s an inside look into their relationship.

Love Island's Ronnie Vint has eyes on bombshell Tiffany Leighton
Love Island's Ronnie Vint has eyes on bombshell Tiffany Leighton. Picture: ITV

Most recently Olivia made headlines after taking to her social media to defend Ronnie online, after his behaviour on the show began to infuriate fans.

During a Q&A, a fan asked her what her "Thoughts on how Ronnie is doing?"

To which she replied, "I think he's doing f***ing amazing. He's being himself. He's funny,” Olivia defended him on her social media. “He's taking a risk. He's giving us all lots to talk about, what more could you want from an islander?”

"I don't think he's met the girl for him yet - but it's early days.”She then finished by writing, "For context, @ronnievint is one of our best pals and was best man at our wedding."

Ronnie Vint is 27 years old
Ronnie Vint is 27 years old. Picture: Instagram: @ronnievint

How do Love Island's Ronnie Vint and Olivia Attwood know each other?

Ronnie and Olivia know each other through her husband Bradley. It’s unknown how Ronnie and Bradley originally met, but the pair have been friends for years.

Bradley is a footballer who plays attacking midfielder and recently left Sunderland, and with Ronnie being a footballer prior to entering the island, perhaps it’s through the sport that the pair met.

Speaking to Closer, Ronnie discussed just how close he’s gotten with Olivia after the pair got married.

“So obviously Brad’s my best pal,” he told the publication.“He's like a brother to me and then Olivia has turned into my big little sister, I say,” he continued.

Prior to entering the villa, Olivia posted on Instagram as Ronnie’s casting was announced, saying: “Our Ronnie Vint is going into the villa! Ron was the best man at our wedding and he’s literally like a brother to me. You guys are going to love him I know it.”

Ronnie Vint was Bradley Dack's best man at his wedding
Ronnie Vint was Bradley Dack's best man at his wedding. Picture: Instagram: @ronnievint

Ronnie’s seen in a lot of Olivia’s wedding photos as Bradley’s best man and he revealed to the publication that she even had some sage advice for him before he entered the villa.

"She's spoke to me about the experience I'm going to go through - not really giving me tips but just said, ‘Look, the way you are, just enjoy it. You've always got on with everyone. And that'll be more than enough to get you started on the show,’" he said during the interview.

He continued to say, “She's always been supportive. I've always been supportive of what she's done… So yeah, it's a nice relationship to have with her and Brad being my best pal.”

With Olivia defending Ronnie, claiming he’s jumping from girl to girl because he hasn’t found the right person yet, there’s less doubt that Ronnie’s in the villa for the wrong reasons.

After all, he revealed to the Daily Mail he wanted Bradley to be his best man one day, “I want Bradley to be the best man at my wedding because it was a hard job, a really hard job,” he explained to the paper.

“That's my goal, seeing them and being around them I would like nothing more than to have a double date with them because I have never done that and to have what they have is something I would love to have myself.”

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