Love Island Grace Jackson Before The Villa & A Closer Look At Her Transformation

3 July 2024, 17:11

Grace Jackson joined Love Island 2024 as a bombshell
Grace Jackson joined Love Island 2024 as a bombshell. Picture: ITV/Instagram: @erinclemans

By Tiasha Debray

Love Island’s Grace Jackson transformed prior to entering the villa. As old photos have emerged, here's what she looked like before and what she looks like now after time has passed.

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Love Islands Grace Jackson has been getting a lot of attention in the villa since arriving as Joey Essex’s ex-girlfriend and ‘stealing’ him off of Samantha Kenny. However, he had his head turned by Jessy Potts.

Whether it was getting x-rated in a separate villa, or the controversial fan theories surrounding her and Joey, one thing is for sure, Grace’s entrance into the villa seriously spiced up the show.

The beautiful blonde bombshell has always been blessed with good looks but a few years back she looked quite different to how she looks on our screens now.

When you’re on Love Island, nothing is kept a secret, and old photos of Grace, that span almost a decade back, have resurfaced showing her looking pretty different. Her cosmetic surgeon has also shared a video of Grace in his office, listing the cosmetic procedures she had before entering the Love Island villa.

But what did she look like before? Check out the photos that have surfaced showing Grace before her Love Island 2024 experience.

Grace Jackson and Joey Essex dated one another in 2023
Grace Jackson and Joey Essex dated one another in 2023. Picture: ITV

Old photos from a friend's Instagram account @erinclemans from the past decade have emerged from the depths of the internet and it seems like Grace has had a huge transformation from her youth.

Not necessarily a cosmetic transformation, but just one from embracing the fashion and make-up trends at the time.

Since then, she has had a few cosmetic alterations. In a TikTok posted by Dr Rosh, Grace requested her 'pre-villa prep' asking for tear trough fillers, filler in her chin and a top-up on her lip filler. She told the doctor: "I don't need any more botox, that's fine," she told him.

The surgeon agreed and said he'd add the 'smallest amount' of filler in her cupid's bow on her lips.

Grace Jackson entered the villa as a bombshell
Grace Jackson entered the villa as a bombshell. Picture: Instagram: @gracexrosa

Grace is a 25-year-old blonde bombshell from Manchester, but don’t let her incredible looks distract you, she’s got a business brain on her too.

The islander co-owns a social media agency and has dipped her toe in the influencing and modelling world.

It’s no wonder she was rumoured to be cast on Love Island before any official lineup was announced, considering even Molly-Mae Hague follows her.

Grace Jackson had a classic 2000s girl aesthetic in 2016
Grace Jackson had a classic 2000s girl aesthetic in 2016. Picture: Instagram: @erinclemans
Grace Jackson's always rocked being blonde
Grace Jackson's always rocked being blonde. Picture: Instagram: @erinclemans

Grace has also openly posted about the treatments she received before joining the villa which included getting her eyebrows laminated, lush hair extensions and teeth whitening.

So don’t feel bad about yourself if you don’t wake up looking as fresh as these Islanders.

When asked why she’s single the entrepreneur said “I like to go out and go abroad a lot… They can’t keep up with my lifestyle! It’s the life that I want, and it helps with my business. To sit in and be single, I can’t understand why I would do that in my peak and my mid-20s.”

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