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Jason Derulo Dating Advice Asset

WARNING: These Tinder Tips From Love Guru, Jason Derulo, Will Make You A Certified Pulling Machine

Jason Derulo and Roman Kemp sang Aladdin's 'A Whole New World'

WATCH: Jason Derulo Serenades Roman Kemp With Romantic Aladdin Tunes

Jason Derulo revealed he had injured his arm.

Jason Derulo Performs With His Arm In A Sling After Going From The Hospital Straight To The Stage

Roman Kemp James Arthur FIFA

James Arthur Challenges Roman Kemp To A Game Of FIFA To Predict The England-Belgium Score

Jason Derulo - 'Colours'

Jason Derulo's 'Colours' Lyrics For The FIFA World Cup 2018 Are The Empowering Message You Needed Today

Jason Derulo

Jason Derulo Hits Back After Fan Slams His 2018 World Cup Anthem

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