Jason Derulo's Last Name Isn't Derulo- Here's His Real Name!

9 April 2020, 10:59

Jason Derulo's last name isn't Derulo
Jason Derulo's last name isn't Derulo. Picture: Getty Images

Celebs often choose a stage name for themselves, and the latest to have been discovered is Jason Derulo, a name we've all been screaming for years, is not in fact his real name.

It's news we didn't expect to be reporting on, but definitely something we feel is necessary to let people know, and it's that 'Talk Dirty' singer, Jason Derulo's real name, is not, in fact Jason Derulo.

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We'll pause for gasps now, as we all know, he has one of the catchiest names going, shouted by millions around the world for years, and we've all been duped.

Please, let us re-introduce you, to Jason Joel Desrouleux, as stated by his Wikipedia page, showing the CATS actor and pop superstar has shortened his real surname to give it a catchier ring, and can anyone honestly say it wasn't successful?

Wikipedia reveals Jason Derulo's real name
Wikipedia reveals Jason Derulo's real name. Picture: Wikipedia

If you're wondering what Jason's up to recently, you may have seen he's been popping up on TikTok a lot in recent times, from taking on Drake's 'Toosie Slide' dance challenge, to making ever so slightly cringe worthy videos with his girlfriend, Jena Frumes.

From grabbing her by what appears to be her hair and leaning her to face his swimming pool water, to taking on another challenge where he has to stand up with her on his back, it's safe to say they're a TikTok couple and passing the time accordingly.

The pair have gone Instagram official, and it's unclear how long they've actually been dating but are clearly isolating with each other during Coronavirus lockdown, so who knows, maybe it was a first date that got extended indefinitely?

Jena, 24, is a model and influence, and her 'gram will certainly make you want to put down the biscuits.

She previously dated footballer Jesse Lingard, with the pair splitting after two years after he allegedly cheated on her with a fan.

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