Jason Derulo Performs With His Arm In A Sling After Going From The Hospital Straight To The Stage

10 August 2018, 10:00 | Updated: 15 November 2018, 11:23

The ‘Swalla’ star revealed his injuries to fans.

Nobody can accuse Jason Derulo of being anything less than a trooper, after he performed a show in Portugal with his arm in a sling.

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Jason told his fans he had gone straight from the hospital to the stage after suffering from an inflamed tricep, against doctors orders.

He revealed,“Today was crazy, I had to go to the hospital after the gym. I have an inflamed tricep, I had an MRI and the doctor said I’m supposed to be resting, no strenuous movement. But your boy had a show in Portugal today and you KNOW I wasn’t trying to miss it.

“So I went out, did my thing, but of course you know how that goes, I did it in my sling, it’s a little painful. But God is good, it’s not serious and hopefully I’ll be on the mend soon.

“A big shoutout to the fans for understanding that your boy couldn’t get down how I usually get down but we had a blast out there. There was a lot of laughs about me trying to do the things I usually do.”

Get well soon Jason – even with one arm, you’re still one of the best performers around!

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