WARNING: These Tinder Tips From Love Guru, Jason Derulo, Will Make You A Certified Pulling Machine

5 April 2019, 07:52

You'll get bae in a heartbeat now.

Grab a dictionary. Look up the definition of 'sex symbol'. All you'll find is a picture of Jason Derulo, because he is... PHWOAR.

So, when the 'Tip Toe' singer gave Roman Kemp a cheeky visit, it only seemed fair that we got his tips on Tinder. For your sake; not ours. Totally not. Of course.

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Jason Derulo on Capital Breakfast w/ Roman Kemp

Jason gave some pretty sound advice, including... Lie. Okay, maybe don't lie so much, but a slight exaggeration of the truth is okay, by Derulo.

And the real way to his heart? Chocolates? Flowers? Nah. You can keep them. He wants baby pigs. In chains. And shades. Obviously. Apparently, that's what you need to make sure you're getting right swipes until your phone melts.

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Now don't mind us, we have to go off and do some very important work, erm... On our phones. Using Tinder. (Soz.)

We wonder if Jason used any of these pulling techniques on his MEGA fan, when she called him recently.