Why BTS Fans Have Cancelled Jason Derulo Following 'Savage Love' Remix Reaching Number 1

19 October 2020, 11:51

BTS fans accuse Jason Derulo of using the band for 'clout'
BTS fans accuse Jason Derulo of using the band for 'clout'. Picture: Jason Derulo Instagram/ PA

BTS fans are criticising 'Savage Love' singer Jason Derulo for celebrating getting a number 1 but failing to give the boys credit for helping him take the top spot.

BTS fans are coming for Jason Derulo after he celebrating getting a number 1 on Billboard with their remix of 'Savage Love', for not adequately crediting the boys in his 'thank you' TikTok and playing the un-remixed version in the background of the clip watched more than 18 million times.

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Heading to a fancy restaurant to celebrate with his girlfriend, Jenna, and a load of pals in tow, Jason bought everyone in the place a shot after hearing the BTS remix of 'Savage Love' had taken the number 1 spot.

Filming a montage for his TikTok page, which has more than 38 million followers, he captioned the TikTok, "It’s a celebration", tagging a whole load of people- but not BTS.

The fact Jason, 31, didn't mention the k-pop group at all has rubbed ARMY up the wrong way, who claim he wouldn't have landed the spot without them and has lead to a barrage of tweets criticising the pop star.

One fan savagely wrote: "bts gave jason derulo his first #1 in 10 YEARS and he doesn’t even have the audacity to thank them nor jawsh 685 for keeping his lights on."

When uploading the TikTok to Twitter and Instagram, Jason made sure to mention the group, saying, "It’s a celebration @catch! SAVAGE LOVE #1 on billboard, we did it @bts.bighitofficial @jawsh_685."

But for a lot of ARMY, it is too little, too late.

BTS fans come for Jason Derulo over number 1 celebrations
BTS fans come for Jason Derulo over number 1 celebrations. Picture: Twitter

BTS's fanbase are acutely switched on to other artists using the boys and their enormous influence for 'clout' and cited the likes of MAX and Halsey, who have spoken about the need to 'protect' the boys from those seeking to use them for their own gain.

Halsey told Zac Sang in 2019 around the time they dropped 'Boy With Luv':

"Armys are rightfully protective over BTS because this is a band that was obviously taken advantage of in many ways."

"People promising them spins, radio plays in exchange of social media power, because the fanbase knows what they can do."

The power of ARMY has once again revealed itself, as they won't take anything less than the upmost respect for their boys!

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