Jason Derulo's TikTok Is Confusing Gen Z Who Didn't Know He's A Pop Star

22 June 2020, 15:40

People don't know Jason Derulo is a pop star thanks to TikTok
People don't know Jason Derulo is a pop star thanks to TikTok. Picture: TikTok @jasonderulo/ Getty Images/ Twitter

Jason Derulo has been hitting TikTok hard, and get ready to feel old... some users now know him as a TikToker, not a pop star...

Jason Derulo has become something of a TikTok sensation and now, many younger people don't even know him as a pop star but as a viral video creator, in what might be the most Gen Z news we've encountered so far.

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He's been labelled 'king' of TikTok, and his song with Jawsh 685 'Savage Love' has made it to the number 1 chart spot in the UK thanks to his dances with some of the biggest internet stars including James Charles and Addison Rae.

The track samples producer Jawsh 658's viral TikTok hit 'Laxed - Siren Beat' and becomes Jason's sixth UK Number 1.

He's got 25 million followers, his videos get millions of hits, and the younger generation are getting to know the pop star for the first time through TikTok- with some only just finding out he's been a pop star for, well, years.

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One person tweeted, "I didn’t know TikTok sensation Jason Derulo makes music" and another is starting to see what's happening here, writing:

"Soon people are gonna know jason derulo from tiktok and not from his music and that doesn't sit right with me."

Jason's had six UK number 1's and a career that's spanned more than a decade, serving iconic hits including 'Watcha Say', 'In My Head', 'Swalla' and 'It Girl' but having kicked his TikTok'ing into overdrive, many have assumed he's a viral sensation thanks to the app!

To those who've known about him for years, this development is kind of hilarious, and some are even claiming the 'disrespect' of Gen Z for not knowing who he is- but we think they can be forgiven!

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